A Long Standing Question Finally Answered

Since the election in November, I have often asked myself: “How could so many Jews, especially ones I am or was close to at the time, vote for Obama?

Now, 6 months later, a writer at the American Thinker has answered my question. And the answer does not bring good news for our Constitutional Republic that the founding fathers fought so hard for. It leads us to a path that is ripe for striping “God” out of every aspect of American life to promote their destructive progressive agenda.

Unrequited Love: Evangelicals and Jews

By Stuart Schwartz
Who would have thought that the key to battling the rising tide of anti-Semitism in Obama’s United States lies in these words: “Jesus loves me! This I know, For the Bible tells me so.”

The children of Evangelical Christians sing this hymn in bible schools across the country, reflecting belief in a life lived according to the will of God as revealed in the bible. No moral relativism here: on the one hand, God-honoring living, and the other, sin and defiance. Right and wrong — it is that simple.  And it is this biblical view of the world that underlies the unwavering Evangelical Christian support of Israel and Judaism. As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has noted, Israel and the Jews “have no greater friends and allies” than the 70-million strong Evangelical Christian community in the United States — better friends, in fact, than much of the American Jewish Community…
This bible-based approach has produced strong Evangelical support. Christian tourism has kept the Israeli tourism industry afloat when Jews cut back. The Israeli Ministry of Tourism reports that 1.8 million of the 3 million visitors last year were Christians, capping a 40% increase in the past eight years in Christians from the United States.
Evangelicals are dramatically more supportive of Israel than the nearly half of the six million American Jews who, according to The National Jewish Population Survey, identify themselves as reformed and/or secular Jews, many of whom are hostile toward both Israel and bible-based Judaism. They reject God in favor of “peoplehood.”As Dennis Prager, the columnist and radio talk host who describes himself as a bible-honoring Jew, notes, “their religion is rarely Judaism.” Instead, “it is every ‘ism’ of the Left. These include liberalism, socialism, feminism, Marxism, and environmentalism.”  …
He continues: After “Marxist claims about the proletariat proved false and capitalism was vindicated as the best way to achieve economic affluence,” the left replaced “the proletariat” with “the oppressed” as its “object of affection.”  For the Jewish left “Israel has merely replaced John D. Rockefeller at the top of the (enemies) list.” These Jews are part of a feverish left for which it makes sense that Evangelical Christians would support Israel, for both ensure terrorism as they oppress the “powerless.” Case in point: Rabid Marxist and anti-Semitic Jew Dr. David Boyarin, a Talmud (traditional Jewish bible commentaries) professor at the University of California at Berkeley, who maintains that the highest form of Judaism is the destruction of Israel, and that the genetic composition of the Jewish race — if allowed to grow — will result in the oppression by Jews of other people.
American Jews need to rethink alliances.  Syndicated columnist and Fox News commentator Charles Krauthammer warns the Jewish community “it is a sign of the disorientation of a distressed and confused people that we should find it so difficult to distinguish our friends from our enemies.”  He may well have had in mind the commentsof Rabbi Eric Yoffie, who heads the largest and largely secular (and least supportive of Israel) affiliate of American Judaism. Yoffie compared Evangelical leaders like the late Dr. Jerry Falwell to Hitler.
read the entire article here, it’s value in understanding so much of what is happening today is priceless.
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