Preparedness vs Panic (UPDATED w/ new reference for research) NEW: 2ND UPDATE W/ TIMELINE and Analysis of SD STRAINS

I have been following the flu viruses reported, going well back into last fall, when the report came out that google would be tracking all flu seaches via google search engine per request of the new Obama administration.

Why would our government want to be tracking flu searches? Could the reason be the 2 missing vials of live flu virus, one avian and the other was human flu virus (a deadly combination if they were ever to get mixed together) that went missing and went all but unreported in the MSM? The answer is unequivocally…YES.

Now, the MSM are still up to shenanigans by reporting this outbreak as swine flu, but if you go to the CDC & the WHO, they are both reporting the virus as a mix of all 3, swine, human and avian. Why are the MSM and the US Govt Officials covering up and misleading the public? Do you know what there may be to lose? Do you know what some might wish to gain? Let us not presume. Let us demand thorough investigation. Anything short of that is foolhardy.

The interview begins at approx 4:20 into the show after the musical opening:

Alexander S. Jones, who has been doing extensive research on what he describes as this man-made virus. Jones is one who predicted what is happening — and worse, in the very near future. Following is yesterday’s email, accredited to Mr. Jones (not the Alex Jones of the netradio program):

As many are aware now, the situation in Mexico is out of control. Doctors on the ground say a minimum of 200 are dead. The virus has clearly spread worldwide, including to the UK , via aircraft, carried by an infected crew, with ~220 people on the aircraft having left or made connecting flights, which means the virus will undoubtedly spread across Europe.

It is my belief that we have cases of swine, cases of avian and also cases of human flu, but with them all in the air and the number of deaths being reported in Mexico City, it is my belief that yes, there is a strain that has morfed into a deadly strain.

PANIC….ABSOLUTELY NOT. But please be prepared. Read, research and take precautions and then give it over to God.

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  • AP reporting early this evening: “the number of flu cases in the US has now more than quadrupled in just a few days, many of them are being reported as a different flu. They are NOT swine flu, but a new strain and now the Obama administration and CDC are considering renaming the virus”

    Just as Alexander predicted, hmmmm. Me thinks they know more than they are releasing.

    UPDATE#2: MORE RESEARCH AND TIMELINE SHOWING THE US GOVT KNEW WELL IN ADVANCE OF OBAMA’S VISIT TO MEXICO THAT THERE WAS A PROBLEM. Also, research is leaning towards this NOT deriving from a livestock facility as is being reported by the media:

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  • Greg’s Blog : Analysis Shows Asian, European and U.S. Sources in Swine Flu April 28, 2009 updateGreg Contreras asks: “where the hell did it get all these genes from?” Phylogenic trees of the current strain in the US…Researchers are puzzled over the origins and spread of the current H1N1 human borne influenza and that has health officials around the world worried.The current virus mixes an existing triple combination of human, avian and swine influenza identified in 1998 with two new swine virus genes from Asia and Europe, both of human origin. Because of its novelty, humans are unlikely to have any immunity to it. The current seasonal flu vaccine targets a different H1N1 strain and isn’t likely to offer any protection.Indeed, according to a report in Recombinomics, March 24, 2009, the failure rate of the H1N1 virus seen in Rapid City, South Dakota was as much as 50% among those vaccinated for influenza. It’s not clear whether those new virus cases, as the instant virus was only sent for classification in mid-March. . . a “MUST” read 
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    US Strain

    the phylogenic tree of the N1 protein (neuraminidase) of the current U.S. strain. Both figures show the complex origins of the virusphylogenic tree of the H1 protein (hemagglutinin) of the U.S. strain of the current influenza virus






    phylogenic tree of the H1 protein (hemagglutinin) of the U.S. strain of the current influenza virus

    phylogenic tree of the H1 protein (hemagglutinin) of the U.S. strain of the current influenza virus



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