What is the DC agenda and why do our elected officials continue to deny our right for a constitutionally eligible president and also, why do they continue to tell us to not believe what we read on the internet, yet Thune, Johnson and Herseth-Sandlin have all relied on the internet for their determination of his eligibility, not one original supporting document has been provided by Obama or the DNC and every FOIA request I made for copies of any orginal docs submitted to Congress before they confirmed his nomination have been denied. What are they hiding?

WorldNetDaily  Exclusive

April 02, 2009

The biggest reason interest in the Obama eligibility issue continues to mount, with ever more legal actions being filed and more Americans demanding answers, says WND Managing Editor David Kupelian, is simple: “Barack Obama is hiding something. About that statement, there is no dispute. Despite dozens of lawsuits, with plaintiffs including a former presidential candidate, a former deputy attorney general, many legislators, active-duty U.S. military and other serious people, Obama simply refuses to release his original, long-form birth certificate. That’s the one that could actually prove he was born in Hawaii. What is posted on Obama’s ‘Fight the Smears’ website as well as the website is the abbreviated short-form ‘certification of live birth’ that could have been issued for a child born overseas, and thus does not prove he was born in Hawaii. What is so difficult about this to understand?”

And while some of the many lawsuits challenging Obama on this issue have reached the eyes of U.S. Supreme Court justices, at least one former state Supreme Court chief justice – Alabama’s Roy Moore – now says the Obama eligibility issue should be adjudicated: “Why doesn’t the president have to show that he’s a natural born citizen? … We’ve had all kinds of suits filed, and the press doesn’t mention them and the courts continually reject them. … It’s troubling to me because we’ll suffer the consequences if we ignore our Constitution.”

 read full article here as well as links to all the irrefutable relevant evidence supporting these lawsuits.

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