No One Says or Does it Like Texas

South Dakota elected representatives should take a lesson from Texas. When they took their oath of office, 1st and foremost, they pledged to uphold the Constitution of the United States. A Constitution founded to limit the federal government, lest it become too big and infringe on human rights while invoking tyranny on it’s people.

SD, HCR 1013 is the SD resolution proclaiming on record to Washington that SD is a sovereign state and what the Constitution does not limit it, or what it did not give to the federal government, remains with the states and the people. It is now on Gov Rounds desk awaiting his signature. What’s the wait? Why is this being slid in the back door?

This is a “great lesson” in history. The fact that our state and local media are not covering this is repulsive. Our elected reps should be standing up and shouting out making our voices be heard. I did a search of the tv news media and the Argus Leader and the only coverage of this was by a local concerned citizen who wrote a letter to the editor. How sad this truly is.

SD elected officials have become passive and submissive to Washington and it is time they get some backbone and start coming out from behind those capital doors and representing the great people of South Dakota and speaking out on issues as important as this one.

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