Copperhead-Democrats “Get Out The Vote” circa 1864

In all the research I have done it still never ceases to amaze me just how corrupt a political machine can be.

Maybe it’s because of my growing up in the somewhat protected area of the upper-midwest where we were taught morals and personal responsibility, that I am still a  bit naive when it comes to such sinister and corrupt activities which are more common place in larger more populated areas of the country.

With the coming of our census packet, now seems to be the perfect time to release this little treasure. You see, as soon the Obama/Soros Machine will be sending their little “commie red-shirts” to hit the streets to make sure every breathing body in America is counted, whether they are citizens, immigrants here on visa and “YES” even the illegals will be counted.

Hmmm, kinda like all those dead voters last year? I guess the Democrats feel if it’s for their benefit and . . .  “If it ain’t broke, then, don’t fix it”.

From forging soldier’s signatures to registering dead people from grave sites, Harper’s Weekly, the “Times” of the 1800’s, kept Americans abreast as to all the illeagal activity of a one “Copperhead-Democrat Political machine in 1864. “WHEN IS AMERICA GOING TO WAKE UP and STAND UP AGAINST THIS CORRUPTION!”



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