UPDATED: Finally, Some Constitutional Legislation: Congress Halts Mexican Trucks in U.S.

This goes to show that Constitutional Legislation should ALWAYS take precedence over party politics. The so-called conservatives do not always get it right and though the liberals, who do have it right this time, will still be watched closely. Their agenda is biased towards big union trucking companies and so the little independent guys like us will have to continue to fight the good fight for competitive freight. So it is one for the over-all US trucking industry v sub-standard Mexican trucks. Let’s make sure we keep this one in place.

Funding bill includes measure killing controversial Bush project:

The issue became rancorous over the past two years as Bush administration Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters fought off repeated efforts by Congress to confine Mexican trucks to a narrow 20-mile-wide commercial area north of the southern border. The $410 billion omnibus funding bill headed toward President Obama’s desk for signing contains a carefully worded measure that would shut down the Bush administration demonstration project allowing 100 Mexican trucking companies to run their long-haul rigs throughout the U.S. in direct competition with American truckers.

read full story here: WorldNetDaily

UPDATE: That didn’t last long. Under pressure fom the Mexican Govt, Obama backs down and will now ask/pressure(here come the ACORN commies) Congress to re-consider. Like I have said before, we have someone in the whitehouse who does not like us and I for one, want to know WHY? I want to know exactly what country and who’s government this guy really represents because it certainly is not ours!!! 

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