DEVELOPING . . . Deal or “NO” Deal

While the behind closed door deal was touted by Conservative traitors, public out cry for the non-stimulus and wails from Nancy Pelosi, that the money put back in wasn’t directed to more welfare, they are back to the drawing board.

The good news: there are cameras and we should have video of how this “behind closed door” process works.


48 Hour Review Period After Conference?

Posted at 4:25 pm on Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An interesting resolution came from the House yesterday as they officially sent their representatives into conference with the Senate to resolve the differences in the two passed bill versions:

From yesterday’s Congressional Record, Page H1096:

This instruction passed unanimously in a recorded vote. So in theory, talk of votes on Thursday or Friday this week are nonsense, unless the House decides to completely ignore this vote. There is some wiggle room to be had as the instructions specify that the text must be available to managers in the House, not the general public, but that still can’t be strictly true at least until final bill text is ready.

It would seem legitimate to expect the House to abide by this vote — and if it doesn’t, to ask why not….

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Realistically, you can not blame this on just one party, this kind of mess is typical blundering breauracratic brilliance, and the reason under the Constitution, Article XIII, there is a clause that specifically stipulates there shall be “NO” lawyers elected or appointed to Congress. Too, bad that one is all but shavings.

So under this so-called stimulus, they are going to remodify the housing loan guidelines again in order that those, who shouldn’t have gotten home loans to begin with, can keep their homes for a few more months so we can start the process all over again?

I don’t re-call that housing loan modofication legislation was granted as a responsibility of Congress under the Constitution, do you?



I don’t get it, can someone help me out here?

(sorry sarcasm sneaks out once in a while)





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